Data Delivery FAQs

How do we access the data?

Places data is available to download through a Foursquare-managed Amazon's Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket as well as leading data marketplaces and geo-spatial platforms. Please refer to our Amazon S3 Guide to set up your access.

You will need to provide us with the ARN and email address(es) that should have access to the folder and that will receive notifications on delivery. Foursquare data files are provided in uncompressed, comma-separated or tab-delimited format and the standard filename convention is as follows:


If you would prefer a compressed file, compression is gzip format -- it can be opened with most Windows, Linux, and Mac compression utilities.

Can I get a pull of current Foursquare data for my business?

Listing syndicators should utilize the Foursquare API to read Places data they want to review.

When can I expect to see my data live in Foursquare's data?

At this time, the data will be incorporated in the next relevant data build, which currently happens weekly.

Can you notify me when my data goes live?

Due to the large amount of data Foursquare is ingesting, we do not send notifications when data goes live.