Places Flat File


Places data brings together firmographic venue details from authoritative third-party sources and billions of user-generated photos, tips, and reviews from our decade of experience crowd-sourcing consumer feedback.

  • Core data and rich data
  • Enrich your existing venue database with rich, user-generated content
  • Download fresh, up-to-date venue content verified by humans, software and third parties
  • Customize data to your business needs:
    • Delivered daily, weekly or monthly
    • Available via JSON or TSV

Package Types

Determine which Places flat file package is right for you by following a simple three-step process:

  1. Select the countries or regions you’re interested in
  2. Decide if you’d like to add on any rich attribute packages
  3. Decide if you need data on specific categories based on your business needs

Available Countries & Regions


  • US
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • France
  • UK
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Korea


  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • MEA
  • Pacific (Australia & NZ)
  • SouthEast Asia (Sg/MY/TH/ID/PH/VN)
  • South Asia (India)
  • North Asia (Cn/TW/HK)

Standard Package

The Standard Package includes the following Core Attributes:

  • Venue ID
  • Venue Name
  • Translated Venue Name
  • Latitude/Longitude
  • Geocodes
  • Address
  • Address Extended
  • DMA
  • Region
  • Admin Region
  • Postal Code
  • Post Town
  • Neighborhood
  • PO Box
  • Country Code
  • Locality
  • Date Created
  • Date Refreshed
  • FSQ Category IDs
  • FSQ Category Labels
  • FSQ Chain ID
  • FSQ Chain Name
  • Parent ID
  • Subvenue Count
  • Census Block ID
  • Closed Bucket

For more details, please see the Core Attributes descriptions.

Add On Options

Rich Attributes

Category Packages

  • Restaurants/Food & Nightlife
    • All Attributes
  • Retail/Shops & Services
    • All Attributes
  • Travel & Transport
    • All Attributes


Determine which Places flat file delivery cadence fits your business needs.


  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly


  • Delivered as a TSV file with GZIP compression via Amazon S3. For assistance on how to obtain your user ARN or how to use S3, read this guide or contact your technical account manager at Foursquare.
  • Provided in compressed, tab-delimited files, one file per country.
    - The format and the standard filename convention is as follows:
    Where orgId is a 25-character string unique to your organization.
    - Compression is gzip format -- it can be opened with most Windows, Linux, and Mac compression utilities.