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Places Data Schema

Foursquare Places offers 120M+ points of interest across 200+ countries and territories. We combine ground truth datasets, authoritative third-party sources, and our first-party data to provide the most accurate data available.

  • Foursquare’s Places Flat File comes with 25 core attributes and a multitude of rich attributes
  • Core attributes are included in all of our packages
  • Rich attributes are available as add-ons to any standard country or region package
Example Places Data CSV


Attributes & Delivery

Places Categories

Foursquare attempts to apply accurate and granular categorization to each of our POI records. In order to accomplish this, we leverage our own proprietary taxonomy of 1K+ categories.

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Places Chains

Foursquare has created explicit associations between national and local brands and their brick-and-mortar locations. Users can query the Places dataset explicitly by chain name or chain ID to obtain a list of stores representing that chain.

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Delivery Options

Determine which type of access - Flat File or API - is best suited for your business needs. While you can access Places data via API or flat file, our API was designed for specific use cases common to web and app developers vs data delivered weekly or monthly, available via flat file.

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