How Does Visits Work?

Use Cases

Choose Chains and Categories That Matter To Your Business

  • Build custom cohorts of users based on visits to your locations, and those of the competition.

Uncover More To Capture More

  • Use visits to competitors’ locations, as well as to businesses that complement yours, to shape acquisition strategies.

Unrivaled Flexibility

  • Leverage data from an audience of 100M+ unique users. International Support Available in 20+ international countries

Visit Determination

Our ability to measure a visit in the physical world with precision is made possible by accurate stop detection technology, actively refreshed venues data, and quality first-party data sources. Foursquare combines our crowd-sourced venues database of 105 million points-of-interest (POI) and superior stop detection methodology to generate robust visit data.

When a user enters a venue and dwells for at least two minutes, our Movement SDK records all of the signals available on the phone. It then matches that person to confirmed signals from our panel of 13 billion in order to register a visit. Utilizing stop detection technology and dwell time is crucial for reporting visits because we are capturing true visits as opposed to someone driving by or sitting in traffic nearby.

We utilize stop detection and entrance/exit time (dwell time), in addition to a number of other signals, in order to passively log visits at the highest degree of accuracy. Our other signals include WiFi triangulation, GPS distortion measurement, lat/long, accelerometer, barometer, compass, bluetooth, timestamp, cell tower signals and time of day popularity ratios.Signal interference is common in dense urban locations and busy indoor environments.

We also utilize place shapes to detect visits within such dense locations. We take where a person is and where their device is (based on the signals listed above), and “snap” that person to a venue based on their likelihood being there. We know the likelihood of that person being at that location because of our always-on proprietary first party panel coupled with our Pilgrim verified - third party data.