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Next-generation geospatial analytics platform for working with big geospatial data.

Analytics Tools

Hex Tiles

Foursquare's analytic tiling system for geospatial data that combines the ability of tiling systems to handle massive datasets with the power of the H3 hierarchical grid system.

  • Expedite the data preparation and analytics processes
  • Visualize planetary-scale data at any level of granularity
  • Analyze data while browsing the map, enabled by the data's tabular, gridded format
Studio Hex Tiles


Community Resources

Geospatial Data Catalog

Explore a growing list of geospatial datasets provided by Foursquare Studio and our partners.

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Studio Map Community

Interact with a wide array of Studio Maps created by Studio engineers and other community members.

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Studio Map SDK

Use the Map SDK to make maps in JavaScript and Python. Run sandbox examples directly from our documentation.

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