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Enrich Your Understanding of Millions of Places Globally

Foursquare Places represents over 100 million commercial points-of-interest and is trusted by top enterprises to build location-based experiences into their software applications. Our selection of precise firmographic location data as well as unique extended attributes unlocks the potential to enhance your app or website with the ability to describe locations, analyze trends, and improve user experiences.

Places is currently accessible in two ways: the Foursquare API or as a flat file.

What Differentiates the Places Database

Global Points of Interest Coverage

  • Truly global place data for 248 countries and territories.

80+ Extended Attributes

  • Generated by users of our consumer apps.

Human Verified for Freshness & Accuracy

  • Kept up-to-date by our consumer app Superuser community.


Foursquare must whitelist you to enable access to the Places Flat File.

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